Pinata-Studio Tribe

This was a fun test I did at work. We were trying to design a pinata-like character for a client. We went through quite a few iterations. This was all for the express purpose of having a short looping animation we could display on a 3D Holographic display. The result came out very nicely. Also, I love rigging so that was a treat. All the 3D work for this job was done in Modo. The 2D work was all Photoshop, and the the animation was done in Flash. All editing was done in premier on the back end.

Heres a link to our Facebook where the video of the Hologram animation is

Paul miller final a
Paul miller final b

Final Renders of the pinata

A Quick Video showing the rig, used for the animation.

Paul miller creaturewip 001

Before the pinata was finalized, I drew up thumbs of other potential pinata creatures, I added some color, and explored some of my favorite before we settled on the one you see.

Paul miller creaturewip 001 b
Paul miller creaturewip 002
Paul miller pinatacreatures c a

This one in particular was done using the studio colors.

Paul miller creaturewip 003

I'm partial to lizards, so this one was my favorite. Unfortunately it wasn't deemed friendly, or cool enough. Ah well :)

Paul miller creaturewip 005

Once the Idea was nailed down, I went ahead and did a few studies on how this creature might move, and of course turn arounds for reference.

Paul miller animatic b storyboard

Before we even decided on the pinata, The first step was to board out how it would work in frame. I didnt have a lot of space to work with because the display was going to be very small (meant for hand held devices and ipads).

Paul miller gif1

Before I storyboard anything, I like to know how whatever I'm animating is going to move. So I made a few short gifs to explore the choices I had.

Paul miller gif2